Welcome to Chantilly Farm!

We hope you will enjoy your stay in this Bunkhouse! Here are a few things to know about your stay!

Electrical & Lighting

          Bunkhouses A&B Both only have 15AMP Power options. This means that things with a larger demand for electricity such as Heaters, Coffee Makers, Microwaves etc... cannot be plugged into the Bunkhouses. If you are in need of a Microwave or Coffee Maker both are available for use outside of the Camp Store at any given time. For Heating solutions please talk with a member of staff to best assist you in this manner.

Arrival & Departure

          Bunkhouse Establishments are Cleaned and Disinfected after every guest to ensure the safety of the next incoming guests. If your Bunkhouse is still dirty please notify staff and they will assist you right away. If you plug any item that requires over 15AMP to charge or perform and it throws the breaker DO NOT try and fix it yourself please notify staff immediately by calling (540) 808-4984 or Texting FARM to (540) 391-0740.


For Information on things to do in Floyd Go HERE

Additional Information is placed in the Bunkhouse for your conviencience. More information is available in the Camp Store.